FiSer Project Win!

Based on previous successes for our clients, FiSer Consulting has been asked to perform a project assessment and rescue for a global delivery programme where migration to new MX standard (ISO20022) needs to be achieved within the payments and treasury domain. This assignment is exactly in the sweet spot for FiSer and we are thrilled [...]

FiSer Project Win!2021-03-26T13:57:42+00:00

WhatsApp Pay: launch set in 2019

Will Cathcart, Facebook’s global head, has announced WhatsApp Pay. WhatsApp Pay is a payments system that is going to make it easy to make payments through WhatsApp; it will be just as easy as sending a photo or file. You just simply link your bank account to your mobile number to  use the messaging application [...]

WhatsApp Pay: launch set in 20192019-08-20T12:31:07+00:00

The disruption of the payments industry

It's happening - the payments industry is going through a transformational once-in-a-generation type of shift. Financial institutions have been controlling the payments industry for quite a while - until 2014, when big investors poured more than $130 billion into technologies like Blockchain and mobile payments. With the investment, the relationship between banks, credit card companies [...]

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