FiSer Consulting Associate Dinner

When we received the FS Gazellen Award for the third time in a row, it seemed only right to celebrate with all employees and associates. Hence, we had a very nice dinner hosted in Hangar Amsterdam. For seven years already we are helping our clients reach their goals, and we are still going strong. FiSer [...]

FiSer Consulting Associate Dinner2022-04-20T08:51:14+00:00

New Assignment Win for FiSer Consulting!

FiSer Consulting is happy to announce landing an exciting new assignment with one of its key clients. Fiser was asked to perform a programme assessment for a strategic finance transformation programme of a large international insurer. Now the FiSer team is helping our client to get their finance department ready for the future, with a [...]

New Assignment Win for FiSer Consulting!2021-12-14T15:12:16+00:00

FiSer Associate Wine Tasting Event

Good to see all these familiar and less familiar faces. The FiSer Associate Wine Tasting Event was a huge success. Special thanks to John Pruim for lending his wine expertise and equipment. Not only did all FiSer accounts get together to exchange small talk, knowledge, and network, but everyone had the chance to taste a [...]

FiSer Associate Wine Tasting Event2021-09-21T15:02:31+00:00

Our Latest Sporty Team Event, Water Skiing!

As with all companies, FiSer Consulting has seen new team members come and go in the last year. Happy for those who embark on new adventures, and thankful for the people joining the team. The event of last year, the mountain biking event, was succeeded in style. We went water skiing, followed by a nice [...]

Our Latest Sporty Team Event, Water Skiing!2021-09-15T14:43:06+00:00

Welcome Andrey Kim!

Per July 26th we welcome Andrey Kim as a Senior Consultant within our Payments Practice. Andrey is a Banking professional with extensive experience in Transaction Banking, Corporate and Financial Institutions senior management positions. He is very driven to succeed, inquisitive with agility to learn and change, passionate and steadfast about lifetime values and career goals. [...]

Welcome Andrey Kim!2021-07-30T12:19:03+00:00

FiSer participates in Rotterdam School of Management’s 2021 Living Management Project

Fiser Consulting is proud to announce our participation in @Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University’s 2021 Living Management Project, where we will collaborate with two groups of Full-time MBA students to solve real-life business challenges. Today, we are thrilled to have the kick-off meeting with the teams assigned to our projects. In the upcoming four [...]

FiSer participates in Rotterdam School of Management’s 2021 Living Management Project2021-06-15T16:09:57+00:00

Welcome Avani Bahuguna

Starting 01st of May, we welcome Avani Bahuguna to our team as Senior Consultant. Avani is a multi-faceted management professional with demonstrated global expertise in Business Strategy, Organizational Transformation, Change Management, and Business Development. Avani has an extensive and proven experience in driving innovation through data-driven modular processes within enterprise-wide strategic initiatives in the Insurance [...]

Welcome Avani Bahuguna2021-05-08T16:12:24+00:00

FiSer Consulting 6th Anniversary!

1st of April 2015 FiSer Consulting started its commitment to driving the financial services industry's future by helping our clients deliver complex business transformations. As of now 1st of April 2021 we work with the leading financial institutions in the Netherlands, carrying out our belief "being the assurance for delivery" in day-to-day life. We are [...]

FiSer Consulting 6th Anniversary!2021-04-01T16:47:45+00:00

Welcome Pei-Hsuan Lo @FiSer Consulting!

Per March 1st we welcome Pei–Hsuan Lo as a Consultant. Pei is a project-plan enthusiast with of over 4 years experience in strategic transformation programs. For her projects she received highest level performance assessments for her contributions. With a background in data and customer experience led projects she will be a perfect addition to our [...]

Welcome Pei-Hsuan Lo @FiSer Consulting!2021-03-01T07:59:50+00:00