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FiSer participates in Rotterdam School of Management’s 2021 Living Management Project

Fiser Consulting is proud to announce our participation in @Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University’s 2021 Living Management Project, where we will collaborate with two groups of Full-time MBA students to solve real-life business challenges. Today, we are thrilled to have the kick-off meeting with the teams assigned to our projects. In the upcoming four [...]

FiSer participates in Rotterdam School of Management’s 2021 Living Management Project2021-06-15T16:09:57+00:00

ISO 20022 Transformation for Financial Institutions

ISO 20022 is an emerging global and open standard that impacts SWIFT cross-border payments and cash management messaging. Processes and value chains in financial services often cover different geographical and business areas. The proliferation of different messaging standards in the financial industry creates problems in automating these end-to-end chains. ISO20022 aims to resolve this issue [...]

ISO 20022 Transformation for Financial Institutions2021-05-28T07:46:29+00:00

Targeted Review of Internal Models (TRIM) Results

On April 19th, 2021, ECB published the results of the Targeted Review of Internal Models (TRIM), summarising findings and follow-ups of this multi-year project. The TRIM review covered internal models for credit, market, and counterparty credit risk. Given that there are many internal models operating in banks, ECB focused on those significantly material and critical [...]

Targeted Review of Internal Models (TRIM) Results2021-05-17T15:26:36+00:00

Welcome Avani Bahuguna

Starting 01st of May, we welcome Avani Bahuguna to our team as Senior Consultant. Avani is a multi-faceted management professional with demonstrated global expertise in Business Strategy, Organizational Transformation, Change Management, and Business Development. Avani has an extensive and proven experience in driving innovation through data-driven modular processes within enterprise-wide strategic initiatives in the Insurance [...]

Welcome Avani Bahuguna2021-05-08T16:12:24+00:00

FiSer Consulting 6th Anniversary!

1st of April 2015 FiSer Consulting started its commitment to driving the financial services industry's future by helping our clients deliver complex business transformations. As of now 1st of April 2021 we work with the leading financial institutions in the Netherlands, carrying out our belief "being the assurance for delivery" in day-to-day life. We are [...]

FiSer Consulting 6th Anniversary!2021-04-01T16:47:45+00:00

FiSer Project Win!

Based on previous successes for our clients, FiSer Consulting has been asked to perform a project assessment and rescue for a global delivery programme where migration to new MX standard (ISO20022) needs to be achieved within the payments and treasury domain. This assignment is exactly in the sweet spot for FiSer and we are thrilled [...]

FiSer Project Win!2021-03-26T13:57:42+00:00

Welcome Pei-Hsuan Lo @FiSer Consulting!

Per March 1st we welcome Pei–Hsuan Lo as a Consultant. Pei is a project-plan enthusiast with of over 4 years experience in strategic transformation programs. For her projects she received highest level performance assessments for her contributions. With a background in data and customer experience led projects she will be a perfect addition to our [...]

Welcome Pei-Hsuan Lo @FiSer Consulting!2021-03-01T07:59:50+00:00

Welcome to Selma Schram @FiSer Consulting

Hereby we welcome Selma Schram as our new associate in the title: Project / Program Manager! Selma has a broad national and international Project/Program management, (interim) Line manager and Consultancy experience around governance, risk, compliance, and IT. With her energy and enthusiasm, she can motivate and connect people within the setting of cooperation.

Welcome to Selma Schram @FiSer Consulting2021-02-17T07:59:52+00:00